Smart Madagaskar Traveling Making You Feel Perfect Now

Madagascar is such a place on our planet where we would all like to fly. It feels like one moment as if you are really in the middle of Africa, while the island feels like Asia at the other moment. Bizarre! Time to give a more comprehensive answer to the question: What to do in Madagascar. We inspire you with a list of not to be missed sights and to do’s that you do not want to skip!

What to do in Madagascar:

In Andasibe looking for the (big) Lemur

Chances are that you come from Antananarivo (what a name …!) when you drive in the direction of Andasibe. The road you are zooming around takes you along small villages and green terraces on which rice grows. You would almost think you are in Asia, but … Not less true, even in Madagascar they have those Asian-looking rice fields! Anyway, for those rice fields you probably have not flown all the way to Madagascar. To see the Lemur, on the other hand, you know those black with white beasts with their big eyes that look a bit like monkeys, probably. And to spot them, you’re in the right place in Andasibe! Go early in the morning to find them and keep your ears open as well, because the Lemur can make a hard, somewhat shrieking call. To travel Madagascar you will need the following options now. morans westward ho

What to do in Madagascar children

VanutiAndasibe you drive to Antsirabe. Even if the saying goes: “Life is a journey, not a destination”. In other words, look your eyes as you drive past the colorful houses and the many rice fields. Once in Antsirabe, you should try a ride in a pousse-pousse just like the locals do. These are a kind of rickshaws with which you easily go through the small town. The locals simply pull these carts on their own and if you’ve never done anything like that, that’s a special experience. Oh and rest assured, the town is not very big and because you do this the local population also earns something. Although there are other places where you can help the local population. That’s how Sawadee goes during group trips often to Foundation Madalief where employment is created for single mothers.

Looking for the Tritrivacrater lake

From Antsirabe you can then also go to two crater lakes more than well. One of the most beautiful is the Tritrivacrater lake. The water is deep green and looking through it … That is almost impossible. Sit somewhere on a rock and enjoy the view here because it is crazy. There is also a big chance that you can experience a ritual in the neighborhood. Before you go to Tritriva check with your hotel or hostel if this is the case or travel with a group tour of an organization like Sawadee, they can often ensure that a ceremony can be seen.

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